Email marketing

Email marketing

21 December 2016

Email marketing

Reach new contacts with the power of email marketing. Send responsive emails and gain new clients.

The advantage of this kind of marketing is the quickness through which you can achieve a high amount of potential clients simultaneously.

We offer an email marketing service tailored to any company/professional needs.

According to the target, sector and geographic area of interest, at FST Studio we will create a customized and graphically attractive email message in order to best promote your business.

In case of email campaigns for a foreign target, we will arrange to create text in the target language thanks to the partnership with native translators.

Moreover, we will provide you with the reports about delivered emails rate, their opening rate and about links clicked and messages deleted.

Strong points:

  • Reach thousands of potential clients in a short time
  • Customize contents according to your needs and your reference target
  • Reports on read messages and users’ actions available

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