21 December 2016


We use CMS to create e-commerce and dynamic websites.

A CMS is an application allowing to manage all the website contents very easily through a very intuitive interface.

Indeed CMS are divided into 2 sections: front-end, consisting in the part of the website which can be seen by anyone, and back-end, i.e. the area dedicated to site administrators which can manage the contents through a control panel.

In particular, we use WordPress CMS for dynamic sites, one of the best known and most used platforms.

Created at first as a blog, this platform has increasingly evolved over the years until becoming a management system for websites.

Thanks to our know-how, at FST Studio we create custom themes for WordPress. So as a result you will have a completely customized and original website.

We use Magento CMS, instead, to create e-commerce sites, which is a very used and appreciated platform.

Indeed, this CMS shows several advantages: first of all it has a simple and intuitive interface, usable also by not very experienced users.

Furthermore it is flexible and rich in features among which SEO optimization of site pages, support of international currencies, creation of wishlists, comparison of products, etc.

For this platform as well we create custom themes in order to ensure a tailor-made e-commerce site which can reflect our clients’ corporate identity.

Strong points:

  • Self-managed sites
  • Intuitive interface
  • Many features

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