Mufle 3D Video

Mufle 3D Video

Mufle 3D Video

Mufle, a company dealing with drainage systems, needed to make a 3D video to launch a new product on the market.

Our studio has thus made ACE 3D product video.

Through 3D videos it is possible to recreate any realistic location. You can rotate, section and illustrate the features of any product and represent liquids flowing in it. In other words, 3D videos allow to present all the advantages with no limits of traditional tools (e.g. real shooting).

From storyboarding to modeling, from animations to texturing, from rendering  to sound and video compositing: we have dealt with this project in detail.

The final outcome is a clear, dynamic presentation with strong visual impact.

The product is now ready to be launched on the market!

FST Studio makes tailor-made 3D product videos for any market sector.

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