21 December 2016


You need to describe your company or a specific machinery production process? A simulation suits you!

A 3D simulation is useful to explain the functioning of mechanical components, systems or an entire production line for the industry, medical or more generally scientific and technological sector.

The advantage of creating a 3D simulation is that it is possible to represent the functioning of internal and not visible components of machineries or illustrate the carrying out of a surgery in a clear and immediate way.

In particular, in the medical field 3D simulations can be used to introduce new procedures, train doctors and educate patients.

All the videos delivered by us are customized and tailored to our clients’ needs.

We also provide a voiceover service with professional multilingual voices thanks to the partnership with experts in the field.

Strong points:

  • Representation of internal components
  • Perspectives possible only thanks to 3D
  • Customized videos
  • Immediacy of contents

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