3D / 2D product configurator

3D / 2D product configurator

10 December 2018

3D / 2D product configurator

Enhance users’ engagement entertaining them with your 3D product configurator on your e-commerce or website!

Every customer has his own needs: being able to satisfy them means standing out from your competitors and increasing the visibility of your brand.

Changing colour, material, texture, model,  accessories, finishes, zooming in/out and viewing items real time from any perspective are some of the potentialities of a 3D real time web configurator.

It is actually much more than that: it covers the whole sales process, from customization to quotation  request.

The user experience is easy and intuitive. You can recreate the chair, t-shirt or bike of your dreams at the click of a button from any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Once you have created the desired item, you can proceed with the purchase or you can save it and revise later.

Why 3D?

Two-dimensional configurators don’t allow users to view products from all their angles but from only one perspective. Instead a 3D configurator allows to rotate them of 360°, reducing the gap between expectation and reality.

Why web?

A configurator integrated in a website and usable directly from the browser doesn’t need external plugins, it thus makes the acquisition of analytics data on the users’ behavior easier.

Why real time?

A 3D real time configurator allows to show the product instantaneously without long waiting times of traditional renderings.

3D real time web configurators developed by FST Studio allow potential clients to interact with your products, creating a fun and engaging experience. Users will feel involved in the creation of the product and will feel it as their own. The price of the customized product will be calculated real time with no mistakes, because the quotation is automated. There is no need to install plugins or software on your device.

3D high quality allows to show users a very realistic preview of the products. Seeing a realistic image of the desired item in advance is inspirational and facilitates the purchase decision-making.

3D configurators speed up processes, therefore saves time and money.

Do you also need a graphic configurator? FST Studio can develop one suiting your needs and market sector.


Strong points:

  • Immersive real time experience without compromises
  • On your website/e-commerce without plugins
  • Promote customer retention
  • Many combinations in few clicks
  • Real time price configuration
  • Facilitate sales process in your e-commerce for an immediate purchase

Market sectors:

Industrial design
Large machinery
Faucets, Valves, Boilers, Conditioners
Fashion, Jewelry and Luxury
Oil & Gas industry
Aerospace industry
Sports equipment
Nautical sector
Building industry
Medical equipment
Electronic equipment


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