Doors open to 3D innovation!

The world of frames is open to innovation!

Like all other market sectors, this field has to increasingly meet the new needs for the ever-changing digital promotion and communication.

Nowadays innovation goes hand in hand with third dimension.

3D technology offers a lot of advantages for the business communication of frame manufacturers. Let’s analyze them in detail.

Firstly, you can make 3D renderings of doors and windows for your catalogs.

You can show your frames in the colors, materials and size available and in realistic settings even before their actual production in order to analyze the market reaction.

Secondly, you can make a 3D video for different purposes. As a tutorial video, for instance. You can illustrate the assembly instructions of a door or window casing. It can be an effective help for your technicians.

A 3D video is also useful to explain the advantages of your product, such as an innovative opening system, be it sliding, shifting or lifting. Or you can make a 3D section of the frame to show the thickness, the number of glasses, gaskets and the internal technology. All through clear, dynamic and high-impact animations.

3D video will thus be both technical and emotional, because it is not only informative but also qualitatively photorealistic.

End uses are various: web site, social media, fairs, meetings, online and offline promotional campaigns, etc.

Do you sell models in different materials, colors and accessories?

Why not develop a 3D product configurator?

Let your potential clients configure your own product and, if you have an online store, let the users shop the customized solution in complete autonomy.

In this regard, read this article about 3D product configurators for doors.

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