3D rhinestones video: a “brilliant” idea to present your frames!

Details make a difference. The sector of frames, too, wants to keep up with the latest trends. Luxury is also in the design decor and doors and windows are an integral part of it. Besides their functionality, clients are looking for aesthetics and customization.

Elegant furniture solutions with strong impact for both classic and modern locations that combine efficiency and beauty: windows with decorative inserts are a perfect example of that. Mounted rhinestones decorate the frame that shines and creates new and sparkling plays of light.

How to present models with precious Swarovski crystals? Photography often cannot capture the rhinestone glance. Then what is the best way to present your products except with 3D graphics?

In this video we show a window with crystals inserted along its profile. The rhinestones change color and show the chromatic variants the frame is available in.

An innovative way to convey to clients your will to reinterpret the tradition with design objects, not mere windows. 3D modeling helps you highlight your product features with outstanding realism and with no limits to feasibility.

In 3D videos we can show them in a dynamic way, with strong visual impact and extremely detailed images.

3D graphics revolutionizes the new way of experiencing the design of doors and windows… the most demanding clients will be amazed too!

If you would like to narrate your product in a different and innovative way, a 3D product video is just right for you.

At FST Studio we make videos of 3D products for any market sector.

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