3D video makers in the Marche region

21 February 2019

3d agency marche

Are you looking for 3D video makers in the province of Fermo, Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Ancona or Pesaro-Urbino?

You already know that photos often do not give the fair value to products and so you want to entrust 3D technology.

FST Studio is a 3D agency based in Montegranaro, in the province of Fermo.

We enhance the strong points of your product through professional 3D videos with dynamism and strong visual impact.

We deliver three-dimensional videos starting from ideas, sketches, drawings, prototypes… We give life to your products with clear video clips. We promote your services on both online and offline communication channels.

Through 3D technology there are no limits to feasibility. We reproduce mechanisms that a camera could not film and we can even recreate fantastic settings and characters.

Why not create a virtual mascot to present ironically a too boring topic?

We can carry out basically anything: a flying cow, a shoe rotating around itself, exploding, sectioning…

For this reason, it is possible to produce a 3D video clip for any market sector: automotive, aeronautics, interior design, fashion, medical instruments, sports equipment, installations, fixtures, electronic devices, construction, industrial design, luxury goods, etc.

With 3D animations we can present products, inner workings, concepts,… Videos are a universal language!

You can change materials and most of all you can reduce costs and times, with the advantage of being able to integrate exploded views, sections and special effects otherwise impossible to recreate in real life.

An entirely tailor-made service including storyboarding, 3D modeling, 3D animation, texturing, lighting, rendering, video compositing, sound compositing, motion graphics, special and sound effects and voice over.

If you are looking for professional 3D video makers in the Marche region, entrust FST Studio!

Visit our Youtube channel or our portfolio on www.fststudio.com to see some of our latest projects!

Contact us with no obligation for more information on our services or for a free consultation!

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