Why hire a professional for social media management?

The most frequent mistake of some companies is not relying on a professional for social media management: apparently it may seem a simple and not demanding activity.

Personal profile vs Business page

One of the most common mistakes in the management of social media marketing is, for instance, promoting your own business on Facebook through your personal profile. Nothing could be more wrong! First of all, in doing so you breach Facebook’s terms of use, so you risk having your Facebook account suspended. Moreover, on your personal profile you can have up to a maximum of 5000 friends, whereas in your Fan page followers are unlimited.

By creating a Fan page you will have the opportunity to carry out promotional ads and monitor users’ views and interactions on your posts.

4 reasons to hire a professional

  1. expertise: professionals in this field are experts of communication and know extensively the potentialities of social media;
  1. strategy: professionals know how to develop a strategy of social media marketing that suit you best. Developing a strategy includes analyzing your sector of reference, your competitors, the development of an editorial plan, the preparation and posting of contents and their monitoring;
  1. tools: professionals have at their disposal all the necessary tools, i.e. graphics software, social management platforms, creativity, an excellent language proficiency, etc.;


  1. time: a good social media management needs constancy. It is better to entrust people who do it professionally in order to avoid taking away valuable time to your business management, or, on the contrary, risking disregarding social networks and so not obtaining the desired results.

If you need to take care of your social networks and increase your business visibility, rely on professionals! Contact us for further information!

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